Podcast: Saint Valentine Was A Martyr, Are YOU?

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Saint Valentine Was A Martyr, Are YOU?

The Passion & Purpose Podcast keeps gaining more traction! This week I share my thoughts about Valentine’s Day.

Hint: While I’m pro-free enterprise, I’m not so pro-Hallmark.

New Macho


In addition to my insights on connecting with your beloved on more than this one officially sanctioned day each year, I also share a powerful tip on how to create that connection and deepen it with a very simple practice.

Finally, I conclude the Passion & Purpose Podcast with my interpretation of the research on the relative merits of living together versus getting married. It might [Read more…]

More Passion & Mojo Interview!

hairrightMore Passion & Mojo Interview!

My friend and colleague, Deborah Kagan interviewed me on how to have more passion and mojo in your relationship as part of her “Summer Sizzle” program. She’s a great interviewer and really brought out the best in me. We laughed and shared passion tips for almost an hour.

You can play the audio recording directly from this blog page or download it to listen later or on another device by clicking on the player above.

Please comment below and let me know what tip was your favorite. Of course, please share this with your friends and family and anyone that would like more passion in their lives!