These “10 Commandments of Relationships” will definitely help you to maintain the love, deep connection and passion in your relationship!

1. Love and appreciate yourself.
Only then can you contribute positively to a relationship.

2. Leave the baggage of old relationships where it belongs – in the past!
Just because your last partner was a cheating ratbag doesn’t mean that your new partner will treat you badly. Detox your values, beliefs and rules BEFORE you head into a new relationship.

3. Remember your partner’s map of the world may be different to yours.
Honor and respect your partner’s value system and remember the only thing you can expect from someone else is to live according to their OWN value system and not yours.

4. Communicate what you want in a way that meets your partner’s values as well as your own.
Remember to do this and your partner will be eating right out of your hand and loving it 🙂

5. Know your own rules and those of your partner.
Make it easy to feel great ALL the time.

6. Be grateful for the little things.
Your partner will love you for it.

7. Make time for each other!
Always remember the power of dating even if you have been married for thirty years 🙂 This is the secret to a long, passionate and happy relationship.

8. Leave the emotional triggers behind.
If your partner violates one of your rules, it’s up to YOU to communicate your standards more clearly next time to avoid that happening again – take responsibility instead of laying blame – you’ll feel much more powerful for it and you won’t feel the need to head for the ice cream.

9. Be spontaneous!
Doing something out of the ordinary is FANTASTIC for a relationship. Book a surprise weekend away or dinner out or do the housework for the entire day letting your partner put their feet up. This will work miracles!

10. Have Fun!
Remember why you fell in love in the first place :-0

These are from Sharon Firth’s “The Little Book of Relationship Strategies” which is a wonderful ebook on the subject. As always, I welcome your comments and if this has been helpful, please share it with others on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


Dr. Adam Sheck

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