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101 Ways

If even ONE IDEA helps your relationship, wouldn’t it be worth it?

And there are 101 IDEAS to try!


Now for a very limited time, you can download       “101 Ways To Bring Back The Passion!” for only    $4.97!

I wrote 101 Ways To Bring Back The Passion! to spark your interest in taking immediate action to generate passion in your relationship!  Perhaps your relationship began with passion, and now the red-hot flame has faded.  Perhaps it was never there the way you wanted it to be.  Perhaps you have that passion, and want to fan that flame even higher.  This book is for you!

When  couples come into my office for private sessions, they too often wait to “understand” their issues and to “process” their problems before they can allow themselves to enjoy each other on a deeper level.

The truth is, while understanding and processing is important, couples need to create positive energy and positive interactions in their relationship at the same time.  If all we focus on is what doesn’t work, that is what we associate with our partner and our relationship.  We must create positive experiences and positive associations as well and begin right now!

This book is about taking immediate action to improve your relationship.  It is not about me giving you advice on how to make things better or on creating psychological insight.  I’m providing you with 101 IDEAS to create positive, romantic, sensual, loving experiences between you and your partner. Even if you are motivated to try just one idea and it works, wouldn’t that be worth it?

And right now, to reward you for subscribing to the Passion Doctor Newsletter, I am offering 101 Ways To Bring Back The Passion! directly from my website in electronic form as an ebook download, for 50% off the regular price of $9.95, which is already a small price to pay to improve your relationship and to re-ignite the fires of your Passion.

Now for a very limited time, you can download 101 Ways To Bring Back The Passion! for only $4.97!

This is an incredible product at a bargain price and I hope that you will take advantage of it for yourself (or a gift for someone else) right now by clicking below!

Dr. Adam Sheck

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