valentine passion5 Tips For A More Passionate Relationship

Want a more passionate relationship? Here are 5 great suggestions for you to get started.  If  a more passionate relationship is truly your priority, I encourage you to consider the follow tips.  There are simple, but not necessarily easy.

1. Stop all blame, shame and criticism.

2. Catch your partner doing something right.

3. Be affectionate and apologize when you’re wrong.

4. Teach your partner what “great sex” means to you.

5. Take a break from the world and go away with your partner.


If you commit to trying out one or more of these suggestions in the next week, I bet you’ll be glad you did.  Post a comment and let me know how it works!

Have a Passionate Relationship,

Dr. Adam Sheck

If these 5 tips for a more passionate relationship are too challenging for you to implement and you are motivated to make change, contact me now to schedule a complimentary 20 minute “Create A Better Relationship Now!” coaching session by telephone or Skype by Clicking Here!