About Dr. Adam Sheck

The clients I work with and how I can help you have a better relationship

A little about you…

You value your relationships. Whether friends, co-workers, family, clients or an intimate partner, your relationships are important to you.

You value yourself. You know that happiness is an ‘inside’ job. You learned, perhaps the hard way, that your relationship with yourself is your most important one.

You are in a romantic relationship or you want to be in one. You value that connection and know that you are most satisfied and grow the most in relationship.

If this is you, you’re in the right place.

You LOVE connection, yet what you don’t love is when relationship becomes painful, hurtful, overwhelming and stressful.  What you don’t love is when romance, intimacy and sexuality fade or perhaps disappear altogether.

Has any of this become a pattern you feel trapped in?

You KNOW it can be different.

You’ve probably asked yourself …

Can I let go of old relationship baggage and fully commit to someone?

• How do I choose a healthier partner to be in relationship with?

• How do I not give myself up, lose myself in my relationship?

• Is it possible to have chemistry AND compatibility in a relationship?

• How do I keep the passion going in a long-term relationship?

Whatever your doubt or questions, one thing is for sure… you want to have a better relationship.

You are ready to be happier, healthier and have a better relationship.

And if you only knew what to do to get there, you’d take action immediately, wouldn’t you?

Frankly, to be successful in any relationship, you need to invest the time, energy and honestly, a little money to go to your next level, whatever that is.

You need to want it badly enough and be committed enough to get there. If that’s the case, I can definitely help.

My Ideal Clients (who I love to work with)

I’ve worked with many different clients over the years. However, all are highly motivated to have a better relationship.

Some are just starting a new relationship and want guidance in setting it up for success.

Some are just ending a relationship and want to know ‘what happened?’ so that they won’t repeat the same mistakes yet again.

Some are disillusioned with relationship after so many ‘failures’ and want to get over their heartbreak and learn to be happy on their own, perhaps for the first time.

Some are in ‘non-traditional’ relationships (or want to experiment) and want support in creating boundaries & agreements to be able to ‘push their edge’ safely.

And a big part of my client base have been in committed, long-term relationships that have ‘lost that spark’ and want to reignite their passion and have more passion, more intimacy, more romance and more sexuality.

In all cases, I begin my work with clients by meeting them where they are now and provide the expertise and support that allows them to have what they want as quickly as possible.

I focus on developing strategies that will allow clients to make changes now that will have maximum leverage in creating change.

Many times removing blocks to having the relationship clients want involves understanding their ‘relationship blueprint’ which was imprinted upon us all from our childhood and early experiences.

My philosophy is not to dwell on the past and ruminate on victimhood. There is no value in re-triggering old wounds and causing pain for pain’s sake. However, the past is not to be avoided, denied or ignored. 

Moving back into present time and facing present issues skillfully is our main work together. Only by being in the present moment with yourself and your relationships will you achieve what you wish to achieve.

I work with Singles as well as Couples (and Moresomes) on relationship issues. At times, I will work with only one member of a relationship if their partner(s) are not open to support. While usually not optimal, when one partner makes a change, it can have positive results in the relationship.

A little about me…

I didn’t start off as a Psychologist, Couples Counselor and Sex Therapist.  Believe it or not, I began my career as an Engineer! To be fair, my final years in technology were as a ‘Hardness’ Engineer, so I could say there was a connection. Just kidding … or am I?

My sense of humor is part of my skill set. The work is so very, very serious, we must laugh at ourselves when possible to break the tension.

To be honest, relationship coaching is about detective work. What is happening? Why is it happening? How can we change the system? Engineering is the same thing, simply using more left brain activity.

I give you the best of both worlds for unique solutions: right-brained Psychologist with left-brained Engineer, the most effective integration!

How did I get from there to here?

Life has a sense of humor, perhaps an ironic one, yet a sense of humor.  It started with a bad marriage! Too funny for a Couples Counselor, yes?

We went into marriage counseling together. I stayed. She didn’t. The marriage ended. The silver lining was that I stayed in counseling and really began to know myself. I loved psychotherapy so much that I went back to school in my early 30’s to get my Doctorate degree and become a Clinical Psychologist.

I started working with clients in 1991 and launched my Private Practice in 1998. I jumped in and began marketing and building my Practice, back when Yellow Page ads were the way to go. Anybody remember Phone Books.

My work has evolved over time. Because of my success in supporting long-term committed couples reignite their spark, I became known as “The Passion Doctor.”

It’s all about relationships!

Whether a relationship with yourself, a significant other or others, with a family member, a boss or a co-worker, these interactions dictate the quality of our lives.

My work has expanded from working with clients in my Los Angeles office, to facilitating Relationship Coaching all over the world.

Over 25 years later, I not only work with singles and couples, I also work with non-traditional (for now) relationships. Whether this involves negotiating non-monogamy, being part of a ‘thruple’, introducing ‘kink’ into a relationship or something even more exotic, I work with these clients with the same accepting, non-judgmental attitude that I have cultivated over my decades of practice.


What does all this mean to you?

It means there’s hope for you!

No one is born with great relationship skills, they must be cultivate and developed.

And you CAN learn relationship skills. 

Giving you the tools to have a better, happier, more authentic, more passionate and loving relationship is what I’ve been doing for over 25 years. 

My experience is that with love and commitment, you absolutely can work through the issues that stand in the way of a better relationship.

So be ready for Results – Better relationships, Better sex.

How I work with my individual clients is described in great detail on my Singles page.

How I work with couples is described in great detail on my Couples page.

And, if you want to learn more about or are in a non-traditional relationship, please check out my Non-Traditional page.

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Dr. Adam Sheck