There are two approaches I normally take with couples in working to re-ignite the sexual passion in their relationship.  The first is probably more typical in couples counseling and basically assumes that when the couple reconnects through good communication skills and re-establishes emotional intimacy, that they will eventually re-establish physical intimacy as well. This IS often the case.  In sex therapy terms, emotional desire creates physical arousal.

At the same time, the converse often holds true: when the couple takes steps to re-establish the physical intimacy, the emotional intimacy may well begin to open up as well.  Again, in sex therapy terms, physical arousal creates emotional desire.

Perhaps you have experienced this yourselves?  Can you recall a time when you weren’t quite “in the mood”, yet your partner was lovingly persistent?  Eventually you might have “given in” and in a few minutes discovered that you, too, were excited and becoming passionate.

Please remember, these aren’t rules or formulas for you to manipulate or control your partner.  These are just suggestions on different approaches to reconnect in mind, heart and body.  Which approach would you like to try with your partner this week?

Let me know how it works by posting your comment.

Dr. Adam Sheck

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