Catch Your Partner Doing Something Right!

This video passion tip is about catching your partner doing something right. It’s easy to catch your partner doing something wrong, doing something irritating, doing something that bugs you.

Once you’re out of the Honeymoon Stage of your relationship (see Three Stages of Relationship) and the Power Struggle sets in, we are pros at pointing out everything that is wrong about them. What is the result? Distance, contempt, irritation, anger. Is that the result you want?

It is easy to make an asshole of your partner when you’re not feeling connected and loving. It’s much harder to make them a star, to support them in shining. What does it feel like to make them a star though? Compassionate, loving, kind, connected.

I’m using strong language to get your attention, to wake you up to what can go on in a long term relationship. You get to choose: asshole or star.

My video passion tip today then, is to catch your partner doing something right and to acknowledge them for it! Start with something small if it is too challenging for you to do, but start! I guarantee you will generate the connected, loving feelings that you probably felt more of in the beginning of your relationship.

 If this tip is of help to you, please share it with three friends and family members so that they can feel connected or reconnected to their partner as well.

 Thanks so much,

Dr. Adam Sheck

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