cheating husbands toyotaCheating Husbands Prefer Toyotas, Really?

A survey of adulterers found that men preferred Toyotas and women preferred Hondas.  As a couples counselor, I’m not quite sure how this data is relevant, yet it is a piece of some puzzle.  Does it mean that having an affair isn’t a romantic, high class “affair” for most people?  Does it mean that the more well-to-do simply don’t respond to surveys such as this one by the adulterer website,  Over 3000 people DID respond though, which says something as well!

Perhaps cheating women prefer a man who is “green” and picks them up in a Prius, though I can’t imagine there’s much room in the back seat to play!  Of course, that might just be a Southern California fantasy.  It did appear that women over 45 preferred the Lexus, so perhaps tastes change over time.

As a couples counselor and relationship coach, I don’t discriminate, I’ll work with ANY couple that wants to improve their relationship, from drivers of Volkswagons to drivers of Bentleys  and Teslas and everything in-between.  I work with couples in all stages of relationship issues and can help to prevent an affair or help to rebuild trust if an affair has already happened.

Please let me know how I might help you in your relationship.

Dr. Adam Sheck

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