Let Me Help You Create More Passion In Your Relationship!


I offer a variety of services and programs, ranging from face-to-face couples counseling to relationship coaching for couples via telephone and Skype to live workshops and teleseminars.  All are designed to help you receive maximum benefits in the shortest time frame.

Couples Counseling & Relationship Coaching

People enter couples counseling or relationship coaching for a number of purposes, based upon the condition of their relationship and their willingness to deal with their issues. Below are some of the major categories I have noticed in couples that I have treated successfully:


Massive Overhaul: the relationship is a “disaster” and the couple wants to improve the relationship.

Tune up: the relationship is in fairly good shape and the couple just needs to deal with a few relatively minor issues.

Prevention: the relationship is relatively new and the couple wishes to avoid problems in the future. Another example of this might be Premarital Counseling, which is also preventative.

Commitment Assessment/Reassessment: the relationship is stagnant, perhaps there are problems, perhaps it is more like a “roommate” situation. Or, the couple is quite volatile and hurting themselves emotionally. Or the couple have been dating for an extended period of time, yet still haven’t fully committed to the relationship. The couple wants to find out if they really “should” be together.

Repair: there has been some disruption to the relationship which has caused distance between the partners. Sometimes this is even a positive event, such as the birth of a child. Sometimes, it is something more traumatic, such as an emotional or sexual affair. Whatever the event, the couple desires support in healing and moving back into connection and intimacy.

Sex Therapy: the couple have sexual issues that appear to be the dominant issue in treatment. These may be physical and/or emotional issues, and may be connected to early childhood or adult sexual trauma. They may manifest as sexual desire, sexual performance, sexual addiction issues or in some other manner.

Divorce Therapy: the couple, married or unmarried has decided that they no longer wish to remain together and wish to “unwind” the relationship in a loving way that will honor their time together.

Co-Parenting Therapy: the couple, whether currently in a relationship or not, want support in co-parenting their children together.


This is not to say that the couple necessarily knows specifically why they are entering counseling or that they even agree upon what they want to achieve. My job is to help you determine your goals and to help you to accomplish them.



Session Structure For Couples Counseling & Coaching


We will generally meet together as a couple and not individually, as I am treating you as a couple, not as two individuals. Couples generally make the most progress when they commit to working on their issues in couples counseling for a certain minimum period of time, usually at least eight to twelve weeks. Your issues took time to develop and it will certainly take time to improve.


Because of this, I have replaced individual sessions for couples with a five session couples program, individually tailored for each couple.  We may meet weekly or every other week, depending upon my assessment of your circumstances. At the end of the couples program, we will reassess for further treatment of your issues.


If you are committed to improving your relationship, contact me to schedule a complimentary 20 minute “Create A Better Relationship” session by telephone or Skype at the link below.  In my experience, this is the best way for us to discover if I am able to support you in your goals.


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