You know, in many ways, dancing is similar to couples therapy. In fact, I use this metaphor often with couples and recommend them to go out dancing or take dance lessons as well!

There’s a reason why “Dancing With The Stars” is such a success. Dancing is romantic! Dancing is sexy! Dancing is passionate! Dancing is about finding a rhythm with a partner. Not my rhythm or your rhythm, but OUR rhythm.

So dancing is a form of bonding, a shared activity which requires us to be a team, a partnership. It requires us to communicate together on a number of levels: physical, mental, emotional and sensual.

It’s also great exercise, which makes us look better and FEEL better.  It’s a great stress reducer and we all have stress in our lives that needs to be reduced, don’t we? And it’s fun! We laugh together as we move through our mistakes. And, we laugh and smile as well as we finally triumph and find our shared rhythm.

We get to be impressed with each other’s discipline and mastery, and respect each other’s dedication. We get to practice our communication skills and learn to lead and follow. We learn to stop “stepping on each other’s toes” which is another great metaphor. And sometimes we even get to fall in love with each other all over again.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and dance!

Dr. Adam Sheck

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