most fertile dayDecember 11 Is The Most Fertile Day Of The Year!

A recent  study looking at birth rates indicates that December 11 is the most fertile day of the year!  This is from a UK study which indicates that September 16 is the most popular birthday.  Backing this out by 40 weeks (the average gestation period) makes December 11 the biggest conception day of the year.

Now I’m not sure how seriously to take this information, as no one has reviewed the U.S. birth rates to my knowledge.  AND, if I’m in Los Angeles, do I need to deduct six hours?  And if couples are 17 times more likely to have sex at midnight than at 10am, do we have to go back a day to December 10?

And why might December be a more fertile month?  There used to be a theory that “cooler” sperm is more fertile and it’s cooler in winter.  That’s been debunked.  However, in cooler weather, perhaps there’s less to do, so why not have sex?  Or, perhaps it’s another way to stay warm in the winter?

Jesting aside, it’s ALWAYS a good time to focus on more passion, more romance, more intimacy in your relationship.  If you feel that I can be of some service in supporting this, please click here to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Relationship Strategy Session to take that first step.

Have a great December,

Dr. Adam Sheck

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