relationship businessDo Entrepreneurs Have More Sexual Problems?

A survey of over 1100 married entrepreneurs came up with some surprising results. The most staggering was that only one percent (1%) felt that their sex lives had improved since starting their business!

As a couples counselor and relationship coach for almost twenty-five years, this statistic honestly stunned me. Yes, I have worked with many uber-successful entrepreneurs over the years to reignite their relationships and create more intimacy and passion, but only one percent?

The survey by Manta, also had some good news. One in four small business owners work with their significant other and thirty-two percent (32%) of these say that their relationship has improved since owning a business together. It seems that the sexual aspect of their relationship hasn’t though.

Perhaps one explanation is the fact that while forty-two percent (42%) surveyed rated their relationship a higher priority than their business, forty-three percent (43%) rated their relationship as equally important as their business!

As a counselor, I don’t judge my clients and accept them where they are and where their priorities are. At the same time, in my professional experience, relationships where the partners don’t feel like a top priority rarely are able to sustain a romantic, passionate relationship over the long haul.

Having written substantially about the psychology of attraction and reigniting passion in long-term relationships, while this data disturbs me, it also re-inspires me in knowing that there is a strong need for my relationship services. My work is to get to the underlying causes that create the effects of less intimacy, less romance, less sexual connection.

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Dr. Adam Sheck