Do You Own Your Mission?

I was recently interviewed about being a mission specialist and supporting people in living their life purpose, their mission.Here are some excerpts:

What exactly IS a mission specialist?

It’s a term that I appropriated from NASA’s space program, which is only fitting, as I was an engineer before I became a psychologist and psychotherapist. I’ve always been interested in connecting people with their passion. I have specialized for years in helping couples bring passion back in their relationships. And while I still love working with couples and continue to do so, now in the second half of my life, the concept of a ‘mission’ and finding a life purpose has been calling to me. If I look at my work as a psychologist over the decades, ultimately it has been about connecting people to their real passion; their purpose.

I’ve drawn on my psychological experience as well as my engineering background to help people remove the blocks in the way to living their mission fully.

What do you mean by mission?

For me, mission has four components:
1. Finding your gifts & talents.
2. Focusing on your values.
3. Living your passion.
4. Finding your contribution to the planet, what some call your “calling.”

To be successful in living your mission, you must have all four components firing together. If your talents go against your values, you will never be successful. If you have no passion, yet have the gifts, you won’t have the fuel to continue on. Similarly, if your mission is only about you and doesn’t contribute to society in some way, it will ultimately prove unsatisfying.

When you discover or uncover your mission and fully live and express it, that’s what I call OWNING your mission.

What is YOUR mission?
My mission has evolved over the years, and it continues to evolve. For today:

My mission is to use my gifts and talents to empower and mentor others in owning their mission while having fun on the journey.

The having fun part is really crucial both to me and for my clients. I’m too old to do anything that isn’t fun and satisfying to me anymore. And supporting men and women in finding their mission is fun. Yes, it’s a lot of work, it is challenging and it can be painful to identify and remove the blocks to owning your mission. AND, the work is serious but, it also has to be fun, which is one of my values.

How can we find out more about your work as a Mission Specialist?
I’ve created a Special Report, “The Secret To Owning Your Mission!” which your readers can receive when they become a free member of the Passion Doctor Community. There is no obligation and a few more perks as well, including a complimentary 20 minute Mission Consultation with me via telephone as appropriate.

Be well and Own Your Mission!

Dr. Adam Sheck