Some of you have suspected it, but what’s the truth? Does a woman’s sex drive go down in a committed relationship?  Research from Germany indicates that IT DOES!

The results state that around 60% of 30 year old women want sex “often” in the beginning of a relationship, yet this begins to drop and after 20 years in a relationship, only about 20% want it.  On the other hand, 60-80% of men want sex regularly regardless of length of time in the relationship.  The report suggests that women have “evolved” to have a high sex drive in the initial stage of a relationship in order to create a strong “bond pair”.   Once the bond is established (and procreation potential is assured?) the female sex drive drops.

Does this sound like your relationship?  It doesn’t have to!  Don’t be a statistic!   You are more than your genetics.  Contact me and let me help you.  Review my Products and Services Links and see how I might be of support if this is an issue for you.

Dr. Adam Sheck

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