New Year's 2013Have You Made Your RELATIONSHIP Resolutions?

As the “Passion Doctor”, my work is to help couples have more romance, more passion, more sexuality and more intimacy in their live.  And around the time of the new year, the question of relationship resolutions is an important one to reflect upon. I’ve reviewed my previous Passion Doctor blog posts and I’ve compiled five relationship resolutions that will definitely benefit you, even if you practice only one of them.

And while I’m real not a huge believer in New Year’s resolutions, I do believe that setting an intention to improve your relationship is critical to having your partnership grow. Whether you set this intention now, when there is a general agreement in the world to do so on January 1 or do it another day (or EVERY day!), just do it!

1. Recommit to your relationship!
One of the biggest passion killers is taking your relationship for granted.  We make a commitment to our partner and then “life” gets in the way and we lose focus and assume our relationship will still be around when we “get to it”. So, today (and each day, actually) is a good day to officially and formally recommit to your relationship. Make it fun, make it serious or make it official, just make it!

2. Create your shared relationship vision.
In addition to recommitting to your relationship, another major relationship resolution is to create a shared relationship vision.  I’ve written extensively on how to do this on another post, Do You Share A Relationship Vision? Click the link, read it, and DO IT!  As couples, we need common goals and a common vision to make it happen.

3. Find a new shared activity/hobby.
Monotony and routine are the enemies of passion!  Find something new to do with your partner.  A dance class, a sailing class, a kissing class (I think I will offer one in 2011), something that will give you regular, ongoing time together each week in something new and novel.  Newness ignites that spark!

4. Share one sexual fantasy this year.
Again, newness is what creates passion.  And if you want to stay passionate in your current relationship (which is always my recommendation), it’s time to share one of your fantasies with your partner!  This may be challenging for you, either to connect to your fantasies or to share them.  Fortunately, I wrote a post on this that you can click and read: How To Share Your Fantasies With Your Partner!

5. Look in each other’s eyes and say, “I love you!”
Many couples counselors will tell you that “communication” is the biggest problem that couples face.  My belief on this is that it is “connection” that is the problem.  So PLEASE, take a moment, RIGHT NOW if you can, hold your partner’s hands, look in their eyes and say, “I love you!”  You will be glad that you did.

I look forward to being of service in the New Year and helping you to create the relationship of your dreams!

Dr. Adam Sheck

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