All Day ForeplayAll-day foreplay is an incredible way to build up passion in your relationship.  And by all-day foreplay, I mean more than just kissing, petting and oral sex.  This post is about the largest sex organ of all: your mind!  Everything can be considered foreplay is you use it properly.

I’ve written about the mechanics of all-day foreplay before.  It’s really not that complicated. Start in the morning by telling your partner how you feel about them, and what you’d like to be doing with them when you come home from work.  Perhaps leave them a little note with more of your thoughts.

Maybe later, send them a text or even a picture!  Sexting (sexy texting) can be a VERY effective form of foreplay.  Next, maybe an email or a sexy telephone message.  Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone here, maybe just a little bit.

And when you get home, set the stage even more, whether it’s with the traditional flowers and candy or an erotic gift (or toy) or maybe another card or an original poem.  Building the anticipation and tension is always so nice, especially when you know you’ll be relieving that tension later on.

That’s one possible scenario for all day foreplay.  What I’d like to speak to as well are some of the components of it.  The major component of all day foreplay is the anticipation factor.  The building up of anticipation and expectation is what makes it so extremely powerful.

We’re working to create newness, originality, novelty.  By creating and recreating this freshness in our relationship, we can take advantage of the biological imperative that needs to “spread the gene pool” and still keep it within our own relationship (assuming that you have chosen monogamy as your path of course).

It’s the Zen Buddhist notion of “beginner’s mind” seeing everything as fresh and new as if you are experiencing it for the first time.  This is the attitude to bring to EVERY interaction with your beloved.

Use your imagination to create new worlds to share together.  Make sure you compliment each other and use ALL of the other tools you used when you were courting.  When we first met our partners we certainly practiced all day foreplay.  Most likely you were in a fairly constant state of anticipation, expectation, excitement and arousal.

That’s what you need to do now.  Flirt throughout the day, taking advantage of all the new technologies to connect with each other.  Feel free to tease and LAUGH at yourself AND each other as well.  Laughter pumps up the endorphins, too.

One final tip from one of my couples is a wonderful example of all-day foreplay.  The wife created what I now call a “seduction treasure hunt” for her husband.  She laid out clues attached to erotic objects and toys all through the house.  He had to follow one clue to the next to the next.  Of course, with each clue, he became more turned on.  The final clue gave him the address of a local bar he was to meet her to complete her fantasy and finally consummate the long, all-day foreplay episode!  How creative is that?

So get started, get busy, get imaginative, get passionate.  You can use these ideas and examples or create your own.  If you’re really stuck, I write more about all-day foreplay and related ideas in my eBook “101 Ways To Bring Back The Passion!” which is available on this Passion Doctor website (Click here).  Hopefully this article has given you a good start though.  And I hope that it will begin to give you more intimacy!

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback and appreciate you sharing this post on all-day foreplay with your friends.

Thank you so much,

Dr. Adam Sheck

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