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Dancing With Anger In Intimate Relationships

I am so very excited with my Passion & Purpose Podcast episodes and am receiving outstanding feedback as well. This week’s guest touches on a huge and seldom discussed issue in relationships: ANGER!

My guest this week is Julie Ward. Julie is a passionate intimacy & relationship counselor and workshop facilitator. She is a CPCC, certified professional coach, with over 20 years of practice, combining the deep influences and teachings of world-class Spiritual and Sexual Intimacy teachers, Michaela Boehm and David Deida with modalities that include, Transformational, Body-Centered therapy, Feminine Presence Embodiment, NLP, and Landmark Education.

Julie Ward

The topics that Julie addresses are:

  •   What is anger really about? What does it represent?
  •   How do couples typically react to anger?
  •   What is important for a man to understand and what can he do differently when his partner is angry?
  •   How can a woman release her anger in a healthy loving way?
  •   How can a woman help diffuse her partner’s anger and get reconnected?

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Dr. Adam Sheck