Purpose Of Our Complimentary Consultation




For those who are SERIOUS about change and want to learn more, I offer a complimentary, 20 minute telephone consultation.

My time is valuable as is yours, so I want to make sure that scheduling our consultation is appropriate for both of us. Creating clarity is one of my areas of expertise and it starts right now.

These consultations are for those who truly desire change in their lives, and who are willing to allocate the necessary resources of time, energy, finances and commit to creating the passionate life they deserve.

Scheduling a consultation with me means that you are READY to do the work required to create the life you deserve. The purpose of the consultation is to establish that we are a good fit and if so, to allow you the opportunity to clarify anything before you hire me as your coach.

These consultations are NOT for tire-kickers, looky-loos, those who are looking for free advice, those who bounce from one expert to the next, those looking for sympathy or wanting validation for their role as a victim in life.

I love my work and I love working with people who are dedicated to letting go of the past, moving past their blocks and living their dreams. If this is you, then continue on.



Considering working with me? These are my areas of expertise:


1. For couples who are committed to each other yet have lost that spark, I have the skill set to support you in reigniting the passion in your relationship and move through your old wounds to create the relationship you truly desire.


2. For singles who are tired of attracting the same types of dysfunctional relationships over and over, I can guide you in discovering your “relationship blueprint” and begin to let go of the past and heal your childhood wounds, so that you will have a healthy relationship with yourself and begin to attract a healthy partner into your life.


3. For those in non-traditional relationships or who want to explore them, I can hold a space for safe and authentic dialogue, where you can explore what you want, practice and deepen your negotiation skills and process whatever triggers and feelings consequently surface.


4. For those who have “made it” in life and now ask “is that all there is?” or those who have never been able to connect to their life purpose, their mission, I am skilled at using powerful tools as well as my intuition to support you in connecting to your life purpose and removing the blocks to fulfilling it successfully.



If any of these descriptions ‘click’ and you are committed to growth and want to find out how we may work together to create the life you desire, fill out the form below, including what you feel are your greatest issues, your telephone number and good days/times to connect and we will schedule your complimentary consultation.




Dr. Adam Sheck