Relationship Coaching


Is this a relationship pattern that you have experienced before?


  1. We meet. We have great chemistry. Everything is perfect.
  2. We become a couple, things are still good. We’re very compatible.
  3. We get “serious” and consider a long-term commitment.
  4. We start to argue and fight about things.
  5. Conflict increases even more. We wonder what we ever saw in each other?
  6. We breakup.
  7. A little time goes by, and the pattern repeats with someone new (or maybe even, the same person!).

In relationship coaching, we work together to understand why previous relationships didn’t last and why current relationships might be having problems. We identify old destructive patterns and learn to let go and heal old relationship pains and frustrations. The end result is to be a happier, healthier person who can create satisfying and fulfilling relationships in the future.


Session Structure:

The sessions are generally 50-60 minutes in length, although we can have longer sessions if desired. We will meet weekly although we can meet more frequently, if the situation necessitates it.

People generally make the most progress when they commit to working on their issues for a certain minimum period of time, usually at least eight to twelve weeks. Your issues took time to develop and will most likely take time to improve.


Click here to schedule a complimentary, twenty minute “Create A Better Relationship Now!” session by telephone or Skype to find out if one of my relationship programs is for you.  Let me help you to release the past and move forward into the relationship of your dreams!

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