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1. Ebook: 101 Ways To Bring Back The Passion!

101 Ways101 Ways To Bring Back The Passion! will give you tools to take immediate action to generate passion in your relationship!  Whether your relationship began with red-hot passion, and the flames have cooled or it was never there, this book is for you!

I sold many copies of this book for $27 when I first wrote it. Now, it is my gift to you for your commitment to yourself to have a better relationship.

I’m giving you 101 IDEAS to create positive, romantic, sensual, loving experiences between you and your partner. If even one idea works, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Click here to download 101 Ways.

2. Special Report: 20 Rituals For Romance

When we begin a relationship, we have certain behaviors, certain “rituals” for courtship. These powerful interactions are what attracts us to each other and allows us to create a relationship.

Once we are in a committed relationship, we often get ‘lazy’ and take our partner for granted. By reestablishing these habits, we can re-ignite the romance in our relationship. This Special Report shares twenty “good habits” that can help you get back to romance.

Download 20 Rituals for Romance here.

3. Special Report: 5 Myths That Keep Men Stuck

Men in relationship often get a bad rap. “Men don’t like to share their feelings.” “Men are afraid of commitment.” “Men only want one thing.”

There are many ‘myths’ like these in our society, stereotypes that keep men stuck in roles that aren’t necessarily true. This Special Report challenges these limiting belief systems and allows men and their partners to move into more empowering beliefs.

Download 5 Myths That Keep Men Stuck here.

4. The Best of ‘Ask Adam’

My ‘Ask Adam’ Teleseminar Series generated a plethora of relationship and sex questions that I responded to. That audio series has been completed and you may listen to it on the Blog section of this website. Here is a transcript of what I consider the ‘Best’ of the series.

Download The Best of ‘Ask Adam’ here.

5. The Passion Doctor Newsletter

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6. Expert Interviews on Relationships & Sexuality

I have interviewed many Relationship Experts over the years and have been interviewed by many of them as well. Here are two popular ones from my ‘Passion & Purpose Podcast’ that might be beneficial.

-Eva Clay on the 5 Biggest Mistakes Women Make While Looking For Love!

Eva has been my friend and colleague for many years. She is a licensed Social Worker, a practicing psychotherapist, an hypnotherapist, and a sex & intimacy coach.

Download this episode (right click and save)

 -Julie Ward on Dancing With Anger In Intimate Relationships

Julie is a Certified Professional Coach with over 20 years of practice as a passion, intimacy & relationship counselor and workshop facilitator.

Download this episode (right click and save)


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P.S. The fastest path to more passion, romance and intimacy is to take ACTION. Choose one of the reports or interviews to read or listen to this week. Commit to taking one action from something you learned. You’ll be glad you did!

P.P.S., Personally, I’d recommend you start with my ‘101 Ways To Bring Back The Passion! ebook. It’s a fast read and you’ll be inspired by at least one of the ways. Then take action on it!