Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Hallmark is ready to make a killing!  Aside from the commercialization of the “holiday”, do you even know what it is about?  There are a number of Valentines who were martyred and became Saints, so it’s probably not so much about one of them anymore.

The occasion can certainly be used as a reminder to your beloved that they are special to you.  Of course, you can also use the other 364 days left in the year to do that, too.  I’m not trying to be too cynical about the manipulation of our feelings by big business, I just want to be clear that you don’t have to totally buy into it.

DON’T be a martyr in your relationships and DON’T martyr your partner!  Express your love, express your appreciation, express your feelings as often as you can.  Don’t take any of it for granted.  Don’t take THEM for granted!

If you are suffering in your relationship you can do something about it!  If you are inflicting pain upon your partner, you can do something about it!  Use Valentine’s Day as a wakeup call to creating FREEDOM in your relationship.  Use it to declare your LOVE and your intention to be more LOVING!

That might not feel as “romantic” as flowers, candy, cards and dinner, but it’s a commitment that can be much longer lasting than one day.  Express your appreciation for your partner EVERY day.  If you need an exercise to help you with this, I wrote a blog post last year all about it.  Click on the link below if you need a reminder:

Click Here For The Appreciation Article

And if you have to go for the flowers and candy, that’s okay, too.  Just click on the link before you go out and get them.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

Dr. Adam Sheck

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