According to a study by Pew Internet, the majority of singles in America are not looking for a romantic relationship!  Although about 43% of American adults are single, only about 16% of these state that they are actively seeking a partner.

Considering young American singles, our Gen Y, aged 18-29, who are not in a committed relationship, 63% of them aren’t looking for a partner!   Less than half of all singles report being on a date in the last three months.

These numbers might seem fairly extreme, they seem pretty consistent with what I’ve been seeing in my relationship coaching work with single clients.  Most tell me that they just don’t seem to meet quality people and aren’t sure where to go to meet them, if they even exist.  Some just feel like giving up.

I counsel them that if they focus on developing their own lives and pursuing their own interests, that at some point they will meet a person(s) that are of the depth and quality they are looking for.  The Pew Research seems to indicate this, too, as 38% surveyed met at work or school and 34% met through family and friends.

Of course, the economic situation we currently face may also have something to do with this, as stress is up and people’s free time and discretionary income may be down.  It definitely is impacting couples as well as singles.

For the full Pew Research Report, please click below to download the pdf file:

Pew Research Report: State of Romance in America

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Dr. Adam Sheck

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