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A Place To Support Relationship Issues Couples & Singles Experience During Coronavirus

Share your issues and concerns, ask your questions, seek out support and information about keeping your most important relationships connected, vital and growing through one of the most difficult challenges most of us will face in our lifetimes.



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Most of us are experiencing many times our normal stress and it impacts our most valued relationships!  

Many couples are living 24/7 in close quarters which increases conflict and challenges.

Many couples have accelerated the amount of time and proximity they are sharing together more quickly than they are prepared for.

Couples not cohabitating are struggling to maintain connection during coronavirus lockdown.

Couples with children need to manage their anxiety/energy as well as their own.

The normal issues between couples are exacerbated during the stressor of Coronavirus!

The one who talks versus the one who is silent.

The one that wants alone time versus the one who wants to join at the hip.

The one who spends versus the one who is frugal.

The one who wants sex all the time versus the one who doesn’t versus the chronic masturbator versus …

The one who is clean/neat versus the one who is sloppy.

Binge-watching Sports versus Rom-Com versus Sci Fi versus …

The one(s) who feel so very alone even in the company of their partner(s).

The one(s) who feel unsafe with their partner(s) and have no choice during lockdown.

And Singles experience the challenges of isolation and longing for connection with that ‘special someone’.


How do we manage all the stress?  I have created this  Zoom Relationship Support Group to help support these challenges.

It will be a place to share your situation, to be heard and to hear others, where we will discuss possible strategies that may help you stay ocnnected to yourself and your loved ones through these challenging times.



There is no mandatory fee, although you may make a donation through PayPal/Credit Card if you see value and are in a position to donate $5 or $10 (or whatever you choose, no minimum or maximum).

All are welcome.

Note: this is a one-time charge, not a subscription.