Secrets Versus Privacy Workshop

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passion doctor

I’m Doctor Adam Sheck and in working with couples for more than twenty years, one of the key issues that comes up is the distinction between having “secrets” and having “privacy” in the relationship.

Challenged By Secrets In Your Relationship?

  • Is It A Secret?  Is It Privacy?

  • Are You Confused?  Doubting Yourself?

  • Where Do You Draw The Line?

In this one hour teleseminar, I will discuss:

  • The distinction between “secrets” and “privacy”.

  • How men and women view this differently.

  • How this issue can create a “power struggle” in your relationship.

  • How to negotiate this challenging issue in your relationship.

  • How to create TRUST in your relationship!

In addition to sharing my thoughts and experiences in working with this issue, there will be ample time for live questions and answers, so bring your thoughts and questions!


Workshop completed.  If you are interested in purchasing the recording please contact me by clicking here